Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say come unto me

I give you a walk in the hood. Simply a night of warm weather from the end of last week. I am so glad I brought my camera.

Start the tour out with a few religious shots. Come Unto Me, makes me laugh for some reason. Maybe it is the wire outline of Jesus?

A post card tacked to a pole near my house was also good for a laugh.

How many fingers do you see? A glove fit for a cartoon character perhaps?

Cute red balloon sticker.

Nerds are fun. This is on Division street a little bit further down then the LB Market.

The horses are out in force in my neighborhood. Bronze.

My little Pink.

My Little Blue.

A little Big Kid Fun.

Okay, I am not quite sure what this is but it is cool. Looks like a muffler/marker tip, condom with a screwed head. Perhaps a air nozzle for a bike tire?

Any guesses?


Nosmot said...

I wanna say it's part of a tattoo gun, from the coil to the needle tube. ?

Nosmot said...

But man, it also sure looks like the header and can off a two-stroke motorcycle. I hope we find out.