Saturday, March 24, 2007

What does TAD stand for?

It's that time again kids, cell phone camera dump. Left over tidbits from the great vast verizon.

Dream Car anyone.

Photoshopped panorama of the whole car. 1975 I think.

Dr Medz on the stop sign in front of the Fresh Pot on Mississippi.

Another pizza shop etched mirror Nerd.

I can't quite make it out but it looks cool. Crowbar bathroom.

Crowbar bathroom facial collage.

Sad Bear saying Mildred on Hawthorne.

Self Portrait in Bathroom Mirror. Do you like my mustache?


Nosmot said...

That be pretty sick, it looks like it was done on the board first? then nailed to the pole?

SpelChex said...

I missed some letters. I say "that beAR IS pretty sick."

Rushfreak said...


Don't you think that 4x4 would look better if it were a LIME-GREEN PINTO or, perhaps, a PACER. By the way, our class reunion is June 9th. Let me know if you haven't gotten the info, I'll get it to you. e-mail your little bro' and have him forward it to me. I don't think I know your e-mail address anymore.


Anonymous said...

A celery chevette or lime green vw would be more appropriate for memories.

Senior citizen 53081

Oregarus said...

Wasn't there a Mopar version of the Squire in my life? Wait, a green one with wood grain. A nine passenger for sure, oh that weird back seat. Lets see, if I recall in the new car every four years that would make the green woody Town and Country or even Sport Suburban a 1973-74? I wonder if Pop recalls a bit better then me. I would have been 10. I do recall seeing it in the car lot that was where Taggs appliances was (Ashland Av?).

Anonymous said...

Tan Chrysler Town & Country, rear facing 3rd seat. The one we used to tow camper (only one time) That one came from Waubeka. Then the green Dodge Cornet wagon slant 6 I got at Martin Pontiac. and also in the mix a 65 white Ford wagon. Sheri's red Pinto she demolished. The International Scout (blue & white) I got from Kutch was serviced by Zittel who was at Tag's YOUR mopar was the green Monaco that you gave some name like Mr. Ed? - Pop

Hal said...

My first Mopar was the gray '74 Feather Duster, inline 255. That was the car with the black duct taped ED on the hood. Ed of course was a reference to the great tire king of Sheboygan J Edmund Hosea (sp?). I know weird but hey I was 16. We had a fan club and did club announcements over the homeroom period intercom. "Be there or be an obtuse rhombus", of course Tim was involved in that. Damn we were weird kids.

The '74 Green Monaco came later. I bought that from Philly and Jeff because the neighborhood rules in Port wouldn't allow them to park more than two cars in their driveway or something like that. I drove that around '92 or '93 while the Honda wasn't feeling to good. Man I miss those cars, but with gas approaching $3.00 a gallon, forget about it.

By the way, thanks for checking out the blog Dad, you should start one.

Anonymous said...

If we had a kid for every car we've owned in nearly 47 years, we could start our own city.

And that was MY red Pinto wagon Sheri demolished, purchased brand new from Schmidt Ford in Port Washington. Don't think I owned a brand new car before or since.

Now I'm back in a red Ford again seeing as how a deer decided to try to get in the front seat of the Windstar while we were going 70 mph.