Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sending cellphone photos of your stolen kidney isn't a good idea

Cellphone pictures from my walk home after work.

This is a marker doodle on the back door of the Rite-Aid at 39th and SE Division. I think it is the same person who drew this.

I had kind of posted the '05 Nerd a while back but it appears an '07 has joined it.


paulok said...

You blogging... why didn't you tell me before?
I remembered March 7th. Sent an e-mail that returned... Mother gave the new one.

Anonymous said...

Neither is posting a picture of yourself with a bong and the Mary Jane you're growing in your closet but that didn't stop a dude from Sheboygan from doing just that!

He just had to share on myspace.

Anonymous said...

Any doubts pot makes you stupid? But fat boy wasn't too smart to begin with. Rather than sit at home smoke dope and play gang boy (fat albert gang I bet) why doesn't he go get a job? If he and the others loosers cant find a job to feed themselves, let em starve to death. Fat boy should last at least a month.

Oregarus said...

Hey guys, I know you are from my home town but the anonymous posts are not cool. Nobody that cool hangs out here and you will surely remain anonymous posting here. I miss you all amd can make a more personal reply via emails if you need me to.