Saturday, August 19, 2006

Are you serious or is it a bad rumor because even the developers said it was on STICKERS!


MEAT TUBES. Seeing these guys all over now. Doing research on this helped me find this in born1945's flickr stream. Found nothing but came across references of a DJ Meat Tube.

MUM. Love the colors and of course the flailing devil horns. Metal baby.

The first of many of SPUD stickers on Belmont. A spray can.

Another of our old friend amoeba.

SLANG. A very solitude face on the garbage can in front of the BofA on Hawthorne.

Another SPUD. A pig dressed in a cops hat. How clever.

Very cool larger MERK.

A faded amoeba with SPUD's tag below it.

RIP MOM 2006. Not quite sure what to make of this simple postal sticker.

A little less sticker and more stencil but neat anyway. Dinosaurs are cool.

SERC bot. I saw a lot of SERCs today.

Everything you do makes a difference. Yeah especially to me when I am bored and out looking for cool stickers.

Dia de los Muertos. I love the stylized skull.

God thinks your band sucks. So do I.

Hold On! Im Commin! Looks like the same person who does the bunnies. TOER

The bunny suit is the shit.

Looks like Gordie has been busy. The heart looks familiar doesn't it?

Another SERC.

And another amoeba.

Oh No! A filthy what?

Another amoeba. What is that 3? 4?

Not a sticker but the right size it's one of Nascar Dad's favorites, METER. He will like the Censored stencil if he sees this. Perhaps this could be his way of combating the graffiti in North Portland. Wouldn't you rather see this?

Last but not least, it is my fantasy girl Katie and our little Nerd friend. Thank you Katie.

Wow. That was a lot. I will post a second entry with the rest of the shots I took today. Stickers and Stencils YEAH!


JT said...

Blown away. That's all I have to say.

12:00 said...

Guess what?
I am going to continue ninja-ing stickers from Hawthorne and putting them on your door.
Especially various sizes of MEAT TUBES.
So there.

drewmikkelsen said...

Hi there. I'm at reporter at KGW in Portland. We'd love to contact "Nascar Dad" about his anti-grafitti activism. Does anyone know how to reach him??? Please email me at