Saturday, August 05, 2006

The first one now will later be last for the times they are a-changin'

Found Art

A panorama of a garage on SE 50th. This does not show the grandness and cool detail of the piece. Perhaps I could get JT to host a full size version at Nosmot?

Train your mind forge? Looks as if it may have said forget. Lower SE Clinton

An imp choking a duck. I enjoy the imp stencil and find it funny that it is choking the hastily sprayed duck. "Bad graffiti!"

Not that our little imp stenciler only is up to devilish things, a very spiritual looking face. I also like the balloon sticker. Both of these are on the same little building on lower SE Clinton street.

Another red face. This time covering a cover-up. Possibly the same person who did the imp, duck and face on the other building. Retaining wall, lower SE Clinton.

This is the same wall I have posted two previous times. Lonely pallets and penis's. This time we have a Rock Steady stencil with, what is that, ah yes two terriers doin' the nasty. I think they are in love, it's the heart shape around them. By the way, JT and I saw one of these Rock Steady's the other day on a Nerd walk.

What do we have here. Same paint, a stencil, if I am not mistaken that is a Woke Up Falling stencil. Right next to the Rock Steady on the same wall. What could that mean?

I wish this face was cooler but it is in a cool place. That small retaining wall is on the west side of that rickety pedestrian bridge. SE Lafayette.

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Nice stuff, nice stuff.