Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finishing Saturday was a Goal that Was Tough to Meet

Well here are the remaining pictures I took from the sticker walk on Saturday. These are almost all on Belmont or Hawthorne from 28th to 39th. A few are cool and some are just interesting observations. I hope you like them.

I think this is really cute. It is the mouth of a driveway and the whole width is painted with birds, flowers and butterflies. It's an interesting effect and quite aesthetically pleasing.

Cool paint job on an otherwise boring 1992 Ford Escort wagon.

"Hey don't worry it's totally safe, I got one of them Crypto-thingy locks. Can't cut through them things ever."

"Are you Sarah Conner?" I did not realize this hydrant looked like a robot till just now. The Core!

I love the Mini. Pretty sure I wouldn't fit in one though.

This tree was dripping red, orange and yellow sap all over it. It was far more fascinating looking at it than the picture makes it seem.

Hate these things, don't you?


sillydog said...

I can identify the 3rd pic. The tree is a pie cherry (Prunus avium) that is infected with bacterial canker (pseudomonas spp.). You've caught it in mid-bacterial ooze. This is the most common disease of cherry trees in the Willamette Valley, due to our serious rain problems. It is most usually treated commercially with copper sprays (such as Bordeaux mixture), giving many orchard trees a curious blue sheen.

sillydog said...

I lied, I meant the 6th pic. Tho those fish scale flames are bad azzzz.