Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mr. Sun is a mysterious figure, a blinding light. Do not look directly at Mr. Sun. Bask in him.

I just have random things to post but I hope you will enjoy them as I do.

This is a tree just down the street from me. I thought it looked like a hand because it has five large branches growing from the armlike main trunk. Unfortunately the picture I took that looked like the hand didn't turn out but this one did.

Alien eggs or tasty summer treat? I tend to think of them as the former but I don't like the smell, texture or taste so who am I to say.

Love the Hell out of this band's name. The music is cool on top of that. Check them out here.
Test Icicles myspace has music to download.

Lauren Axelrod takes the kinds of pictures I love to take also.
Hidden Exposure

The Amazing Screw-On Head

"I am so excited I just made water in my pantaloons"
This is an awesome pilot the Sci-Fi channel is testing at their website. It is a comedy with some pretty amazing actors lending their voices to it.

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