Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This kind of thing puts any little kerfuffle I experience into perspective

After work on Tuesday I convinced JT to shoot down to the remains of the Taylor Electric building because John told me about a Nerd or two that he saw on a walk this past weekend. We went for coffee at Mr. French's Coffee Kitchen then walked for about an hour or so. Afterwards it was decided that we would do a parallel blog post to see how we take pictures of the same object or setting from different perspectives. We both always worry about stealing the other's pictures so this is to prove that that would not be the case.

So look for the results at nosmot blog here, and tell us what you think.

Mr. French's Coffee Kitchen
107 SE Washington St, Portland, OR

Like I said, we started out at Mr. French's Coffee Kitchen. One of my very dear friends owns this cute island in the mad industrial south east. If you have not been there you should sneak away to it and drink the amazing shots pulled by Mitch himself, you will not be disappointed.

As we approached Taylor Electric from the northwest this would be on the south east corner of what is left of the block long building. I loved the bent window frames along with the blue sky.

Walked all the way around the building to the north side to get those pictures of the Nerds. It looks like the building is welcoming you with that open door to frolic with some ghosts inside.

This fire extinguisher looked so much cooler then this shot portrays. There is a cyclone fence all the way around the building so this is from about ten to twelve feet away. It is really too bad that photographs do not allow the tactile experience because I really would love to touch the extinguisher to see if it works. I can feel the heat from stored in it from the fire. I think it is in surprisingly great shape considering the total carnage that remains.

Just to show it wasn't all about distruction here is a little light humor. Johnny spotted a Muppet on a fireplug so we wandered over to it. I took this picture first by holding the camera upside down. I wish I would have been closer but it gave the gravity defying effect of the puppet giving praise. Looking at it this way makes the puppet look very much alive and happy.

Door 334. Again this was an experiment in perspectives and I look forward to the same images in a different light from ol' Nosmot.

I hope you will enjoy our little experiment


Nossy said...

Nice stuff dude. Thanks for the shot btw.

12:00 said...

Have you noticed that they keep painting over the grafitti on 37th and Division? Most of it's pretty shitty, but it keeps dissapearing. I'm thinking I might make my mark over there pretty soon.
Oh, I like the watermelon shot, too.