Thursday, August 31, 2006

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time

~Steven Wright

When I got home today I needed to deliver an order to Essential Lotions & Oils on Hawthorne that I missed at work today. I also walked a letter that was misdelivered to the house to another house on 32nd with the same house number. I brought my camera along and snapped shots all the way.

Start out on the front porch. The Minion.
min-ion [min-yuhn]

1. a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.

A cool painted sticker on Hawthorne.

A singing yellow amoeba.

I share the road with Satanic Bicyclists.

The king says rawk. HEAVY F-N METAL!!!

Dying to become what we once despised. This one wraps around the pole a bit more and is very cool.
Thanks JoeCollver, thespeak, Lewis Barrett and samgrover.

I love this poster for a show by Hello Damascus. The tethered birds look awesome.

A shop on Hawthorne.

Cubs Suck!

Another beautiful bird sticker. This person sure does get around.

Felix the Catsayss "Hi!"

Meow! (Translation, Hi!)

WTF? Reminded me of this. This hat is hanging at the LB on the wall above the beer cooler. I had not noticed until today. It hangs among cheap tools, more hats and bikini clad women on advertisements for malt liquors.

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