Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two mega-storms in a row ought to help concentrate the mind

John told me about the burned out Taylor Electric building Nerd's as I mentioned in the previous post and he was right. Here they are.

I know it is way back there but this is the best I could do. It is taken from the only place you can see it and it is a city block away after all. Anyway, click on the smaller image to see in detail.

A much clearer and closer Nerd. This one is painted on the wall seperating the two parts of the building you see in the first Nerd picture.

While I am at it I am going to post a few pictures of Nerds from dieselboi's flickr stream. These are Nerds I never or haven't visited yet.
~Click on dieselboi's avatar at left for his flickr sets~

Killingsworth I-5 soundwall
At least five Nerds all in a row. I never saw these. I guess I never got onto the freeway that far down seeing I could merge at the Going onramp. It leaves me excited to think there could have been more there. Seven? Nine? Fifteen?

33 North Wheeler
Very cool large Nerd. This is the first time I have seen a yellow one.

I am not sure where this one is other then Mississippi area. I love the black and yellow.

Thank you Brett for allowing me to post these on my blog. Everyone should check out Brett's other flickr graffiti sets here and here and also check out his WalkingPortland blog.

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