Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Killer instinct, dirty, grinding, hard-nose hockey and guys willing to pay any price to win

The minor league hockey team in Milwaukee unveiled it's new logo for this year. The Admirals were an IHL team but now are an AHL team and an affiliate of the NHL's Nashville Predators. Anyway, here is an evolution of what the logo's look(ed) like.

Here is the logo they started using in 1977. Ain't he cute? Really puts the fear into you doesn't it?

Getting cooler I think. This is the logo they started using in 1995.

This is the logo they started to use in 1999. Looks a little less hokey and a little more hockey. Why did they drop the stick and where are those eyes?

And here it is. The new logo for your 2006/07 Milwaukee Admirals. The only thing that remains is the hat, you can now see his eyes (or where his eyes would be if he weren't a skull) and we have an added treat, the Never Say Die slogan. I do not like the logo but that slogan, Never Say Die, it sure does ring a bell. Where have I heard that line before? Oh yeah!

Or wait, was it here?

Here are my favorite reactions from the folks at

"Hahaha, that's great. it really screams 'minor league hockey."

"The skull looks like something out of a Homestarrunner cartoon."
Point Beer Is Best

"That's weak. Might as well call them the Gold."

And my personal favorite,

"I don't get it. Why a skull? They're not the Milwaukee Weird Skeleton Pirate Thingies." DougJones43

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