Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You too can feel and hear everything Prince touches

I bumped into Miss Labia Merange again last night. She had just gotten back from a private party with His Majesty Prince. She brought it to my attention that Prince demanded I remix a song of my choosing from his back catalog. In exchange I was to receive, get this, his Yellow Cloud Guitar. Needless to say when appointed a task of this nature one does not drag one's heels, so I got right to it and remixed "Darling Nikki". I offer it up here for your downloading appreciation.


Darling Nikki (Oregarus Electric Divinity Remix)


Fan of His Purpleness said...

Oooooooo...Nice choice of songs. I don't mean to be critical, but did you just unscramble the last part of the song and put it at the beginning?

I also like the name of your mix! I can't wait to hear JT's spin on Darling Nikki: his Portland Pump Pallet Edit. Word on the street is that it's bumpin'!

Oregarus said...

This was more a test than an actual posting. The mix has a few subtle things but for the most part, yes, it is the ending flipped around with rain from a different Prince song.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if u still have this remix?
my boss loves prince and would love to hear a remix of this song. thank you very much.